Herpes Passions Review

hpHerpes Passions is quite unique in that it is a free-to-join dating site for those with herpes. It is part of the Passions Network, a group of more than 200 specialised dating and social networking sites which have more than 3 million members.

Users can access a number of Passions network sites from their account so that they can contact the users and see updates from a number of sites so as to increase the chances of finding a date or relationship.


Signing up

It’s free to join Herpes Passions and get instant access to other like-minded people looking for companionship—all of whom are living with various types of STDs.

Registration is simple is straightforward and users simply enter an email address and then a username followed by a chosen password.

Profile building

Once members have joined Herpes Passions, it’s possible to easily create a Passions Network profile, adding the necessary photos and relevant information so that others can learn what sort of date or relationship users are looking for and more about the new member. It’s also possible to add video introductions to profiles, thereby adding a little extra personality to profiles.

Key Features

Herpes Passions has a variety of features allowing members easy access and encouragement to find each other, including:

  • forums and blogs where members can get to know each other better in a friendly and supportive environment
  • videos, video games, podcasts, e-books and more
  • excellent advanced search functionality allowing searches to be refined to suit
  • articles and stories about the numerous dating successes

Connecting with others

Users of Herpes Passions have an array of options to use to make contact or stay in touch with others.

For example, the site’s instant messaging function lets users have real time conversations for as long as they like, in much the same way as similar chat services on Yahoo or MSN.

Then there is the “mini-messaging” service, which is unique to Herpes Passions, and which allows users to post small, “tweet”-like messages on other users’ profiles. However, these messages are not viewable by others, giving users a great alternative to private email conversations.

Another key feature means users can also send a virtual “wink” to let other users know that they are interested in taking things a little further, or send one of a number of virtual “actions” such as a “hug”, “tickle” or “smooch”.

Search options

Once a profile is up and running, members can search for other users to chat with, using the site’s excellent search functionality. The kind of criteria members can use to search through other users on the site includes:

  • member’s name
  • newest members
  • group/Passion
  • location
  • advanced


Herpes Passions is free to join and, as with all sites in the Passions Network, users can add any number of sites in the network to their profile for free provided those sites are below a size threshold. Larger and more popular sites require members to enrol for “Network Wide Membership” which costs $4.95 per month.

Member support

Users can check out a list of recommended herpes and STD related books and make use of a forum and blog where they can post and answer questions about living with Herpes and HPV. In addition there is a FAQ page.


Herpespassions.com is unique in that it is 100% free and has a number of interesting features sufficient to get users started dating again. Many of those people with herpes join this site as well as one of the premium subscription sites in order to enhance their chances of finding a life partner.

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