H-YPE Review

HYH-YPE maintains that it strives for excellence to try to ensure that it makes the site the best, most secure site dedicated to those with herpes and HPV. The majority of membership fees collected go toward improving server response time, site development costs and staff administration in an effort to keep the site’s promises.

Establishment and membership base

Established in 2006, this website is known by another name in UK, namely UKHerpesDating.com. There are slightly more female members than male, with under 50’s as the most active category.

Signing up

In line with most similar sites, it’s free to initially try out H-YPE and get access to an on-line community of other people living with various STDs.

Registration is simple and straightforward with potential members entering an email and a username followed by a password.

Profile building

Once registration has been completed, the important task of building an attractive profile begins. Clearly, being the first information that other users see, it’s important for members to present themselves in the best light possible. Users should take some time to work on their profile.

Key Features

H-YPE essentially offers a two-tier membership structure: standard (which is free) and by subscription. Standard members cannot access privacy settings, nor can they access many of the site’s features such as creating a blog, participating in a private forum or group and so on.

On the other hand, in addition to the basic review of other members and a search function offered to free users, those who subscribe are able to:

  • contact others using Instant Messaging features offering both audio and video facilities
  • obtain live advice and support given by experts from the field of online dating
  • join weekly meets, eventful parties, seminars and gatherings which allow members to get better acquainted with each other
  • participate in chat rooms for audio and video chatting
  • communicate through public or private forums and groups
  • create their own blogs or view other members’ blogs and read the comments
  • seek inspiration by accessing music, video and photo galleries of other members
  • obtain active support and advice through counsellors on the site
  • set privacy settings, make comments on photos and videos, record video message using webcam for their profiles

Search options

Depending upon their membership status, members can opt for a quick or an advanced search, using zip codes or even search using a keyword.

Membership packages

H-YPE prides itself on offering affordable prices for its monthly subscriptions, with some feeling that the rates for Full Access membership are on the low side. Such rates are as follows:

  • 30 days – £5.95
  • 90 days – £13.95 (20 days free)
  • 180 days – £22.95 (64 days free)
  • 365 days – £36.95 (174 days free)

Member support

Member can browse the FAQ/Help section in order to get more information about what this site has to offer, although there is no mention of live customer service being available.

Privacy and security

An interesting feature to protect users privacy is the downplaying of using H words all over the site; indeed, there is a feature of a sensitive login that helps escape from such H words.

Browsing can, therefore, be done safely and privately. There is a regular login as well as a sensitive login, with the latter making no reference at all to anything H. Users don’t even have to use the word Herpes whilst registering, as they can log in through the sensitive login.


H-ype maintains that it doesn’t aim to take advantage of the situation of herpes infected people and, therefore, does not charge high rates for premium membership, even though all the necessities are available to help the thousands of users easily find other members to date or befriend their someone special.

Users can also help the Herpes Viruses Association to solve their funding crisis and get to know more about funding options by visiting the HVA page.

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