H Werks Review

hwHWerks is coming up to its tenth anniversary since establishment and was one of the pioneering sites for people with herpes and other STDs. In this time it has connected like-minded people from all over the world. A unique selling point is that the site offers an innovative lifetime membership package.


Establishment and membership base

The site was first introduced in 2007 and now caters for a wide variety of herpes singles, from all over the world. The bulk of the membership is either US or Australian based with slightly more male than female members.

Signing up

For those looking to become a member of HWerks it’s easy to register by using a valid email ID and choosing a user name. After completing and submitting a profile which needs to be assessed by the site’s Admin, normally confirmation of registration will be available within one day.

Profile building

Building an informative profile is important as this is what other members’ first see and make their initial judgements on. This site offers a straightforward easy way to build a profile to enable users to quickly get to know others.

Key Features

Users who subscribe to this site are able to:

  • add or edit photos, create albums and set the appropriate privacy level
  • access two types of chat: the first type being an instant messenger; then there is the video chat option where it is possible to see and hear the people chatting, and without a video cam
  • post a variety of blogs—and also limit who sees them (ie only other members, or friends or even make them private and personal)
  • participate in various groups using its own forum; there are groups geared towards men, women, dating, plus special interests such as photograph. In fact, members can create their own groups for like minded individuals

Connecting with others

HWerks allows registered users to stay in contact with those they are in touch with or dating, whilst on the move. It’s also possible for users to email their photos and videos directly to their profile from their Smartphone as both Android and iOS Apps are available; users can also use the mobile version of the site via Go Mobile, to check their mail, view members or post in the forums whilst on the go.

Membership packages

HWerks have recently eliminated the offer of free profiles and now offers only memberships, with the result that only upgraded members can access the details within the site.

Such membership payment is quoted as a one-off payment of $30.00—for life! There will be no monthly or yearly subscriptions or recurring payments thereafter.

Member support

Members can browse the FAQ/Help section in order to get more information about what this site has to offer, as well as learning about dedicated support events and community news.

Privacy and security

There are a number of privacy options on HWerks and members can choose who can see their profile, photos, videos etc. Options include free access to anybody, just friends or only the user themselves. In addition, it’s possible for users to limit who comments on their profile, who can appear on activity feeds and so on.

The website uses anti-spam and security algorithms, which helps limit the number of scammers and non-genuine users.


HWerks.com continues to be a very popular site for those who have an STD/herpes and are looking to start dating again. With its varied rage of functions and special, one-time life time membership fee, the site has an appeal to many.

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