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h-dateH-Date is an exclusive online dating site intended for people with HPV and Herpes. The site has about 40,000 members from all over the world and it is a totally free dating site. It is easy to use, lots of essential features. You could find support, forums about health as well as discussion groups. The information is informative and timely. There is no need to live in a dark and worry too much . H-Date will provide you comfort and love.



Membership Costs

You can make profile at H-Date without spending any single amount


Homepage: The home page of this site abounds with lots of useful information regarding these medical issues, their transferability, assistance which you could get as well as warnings and common facts regarding Herpes and HPV. A valuable feature not only for the awareness of those actually experiencing from the case, this also assists other curious individuals to know the nature of this case better and perhaps helps their family and friends who have these medical conditions.
Basic features: H-Date is very safe. You can say anything you want. Being open and honest about yourself is significant. Do not fib regarding the whole thing. Tell your story and be yourself. If you believe there’s no one else there, you’re wrong as H-date has more than 40,000 members. You can publicize your picture or keep it private. However, the more information you write, the more members you will invite. Simple, because you have HPV and herpes does not mean you don’t have the right to become happy. Tell more about your likes and dislikes, your hobbies.
Search features: With H-Date website looking for friends is so easy, just type basic information like age and the location. Then you are given a wide list of members which meet your criteria. The best thing about this is that you can narrow down the result by miles to trip even, or age. Expanding the ranges might provide you a lot of members of choose from.
Secure Your Privacy: H-Date is extremely private. You can decide on the things you like to share. Active members have only the chance to see profiles and pictures. User can alter the settings in accordance to the comfort levels. Worry no more about an online troll getting your picture.


Like any liable dating website, H-Date stresses security and safety. Never provide personal data until you are certain on the person you want to meet. Meet in public as much as possible. You have to be safe and be smart. Having an illness must not be a reason to place your whole life in misery and frustration. H-Date is here to help you become happy and live like a normal individual.

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